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Team “Dynamite” takes on Smart Transport innovation at ACIA Hackathon

This week, IHSU students took part in a 48-Hours hackathon for Smart Transport Management. The hackathon which was organized by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) in partnership with Makerere University School of Public Health – ResilientAfrica Network (RAN) – a multidisciplinary innovation hub conducted the Hackathon under the theme “Smart Transport Management (STM)”.

Our team of four students, currently undertaking the postgraduate certificate in Applied ICT and Leadership program took part in innovating for smarter transport in Uganda. The group devised a fun solution for people of all ages to learn and familiarize themselves with road signs and traffic rules through a fun game which also rewards them for challenges completed.

The team which competed against nine other innovator teams was awarded $100 for their participation and subsequent support from UCC towards the development of their product, ‘The Right Way In.’ The students who are enthusiastically carrying on with this product’s development were privileged to work with industry experts during the hackathon, rub shoulders with veterans of the ICT – Tech-nnovation space in Uganda and have learned so much from the engagement.

The team that took part in the hackathon

We appreciate all opportunities presented by development partners in this industry which give our students invaluable experiences and insight into practical application of the skills and tools they receive here! We continue to support and applaud team “Dynamite” for their relentless and superb innovation!

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