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Program Structure

The Postgraduate Certificate in Applied ICTs and Leadership (PostCert.AIL) is an initiative that is being championed by IHSU, CM 2000, and YWAM. The program is geared towards bridging the digital divide within the different sectors such as; Agriculture, Health, Education, Military etc. in Uganda and the region at large. ICT integration has become a minimum requirement in the different service verticals across the world.


Practical skilling is lacking in the traditional Education System in Uganda

The ICT sector in Uganda is growing and as such the desire for qualified workforce is bigger than ever before. Employers are constantly looking for graduates who possess the bare minimum i.e. have an understanding of how the industry operates and the different job roles that the industry offers. This is a unique program that will be implemented using an industry facing model, i.e. the role of the industry in the learning process is more pronounced than in the traditional academic approaches.

This is an intense six months program that is structured on internship/workplace model. This program is set to be one of a kind that brings; ICT integration, Leadership and Management as an offering.

Program Objectives

  1. To facilitate the development of a professional with the right mindset, skill set and tool set for the global workplace.
  2. To enhance the technical skills required to develop and implement relevant solutions to improve service delivery in the different sectors.
  3. To inculcate self-leadership principles as a prerequisite for professional development at the workplace.

The Program Focus
The program will focus on influencing three learning areas;

Skills ven diagram

  1. Mindset; the program will have 30% of the program time and content focused on mindset. This aspires to develop a well-rounded human being who can readily respond to the call of service but most importantly a problem solver with a pro-active mindset. The content in this area will concentrate on the individual, to enable identify their purpose and mission in life and the legacy they would like to leave. Personal leadership requires that people connect with themselves and constantly evaluate their mission in life at all times.
  1. Skill Set; the program will seek to impart skills relevant to respond to the challenges in the different sectors that require ICT interventions. Students will be exposed to different technologies that will enhance their skill set. It is envisaged that after the training the students will have acquired appropriate skills to enable them to productively contribute to the development of the ICT solutions.
  1. Tool Set; the program will expose the participants to a multitude of tools to enable them effectively utilize their skills. IHSU and the project partners are seeking strategic partnerships that will contribute to the availability of appropriate tools like software, hardware and practice devices among others. Skills without appropriate tools will not deliver the desired Return on Investment.

By focusing on these three areas it is envisaged that the participants will complete the program as well balanced graduates with the appropriate mental attitude, a skill set and tools that will enable them deliver exceptional results.